About Us

Evershine History :

Evershine was born in the year 1984-1985 with four toddlers, passage of time, with hard work, interest and motivation from family members and help from parents , teachers and little ones. The institution grew and after 26 long years, we place Evershine on the pedestal.

In Evershine we provide education that combines intellectual growth with development of social, personal and moral values.Our goal is to help in the balanced development of the individuals committed to work for a just and equitable society. Ever shine will help the students to be active partner in shared enterprises.

The values which guide Ever shine students are :

  • Faith in Almighty.
  • Hail for intellectual competence
  • Commitment to justice
  • Physiological and psychological development
  • A touch to cultural integrity                                                        
  • Have a broader outlook

Ultimately we in Ever shine help in “Pursuit of Excellence”.

Our Motto

  • To make the school a global center of excellence.
  • To focus on academics as well as special curricular areas such as music and sports in order to groom a new, wee- rounded generation of students who will become the leaders of tomorrow.
  • To provide value based education using the latest educational philosophies and techniques.
  • To provide an excellent infrastructure in a serene surrounding.
  • To become a school of preference for students and parents.
  • To encourage students to pursue their areas of interest such as games, athletics, group activities, music, drama, dance, debates, creative writing, arts etc.

To impart overall discipline and help students become globally aware, well-balanced and responsible  individuals.

Our Location
Evershine High School
#7, Mangala Layout,
18th Cross, Oil Mill Road,
Arvind Nagar,

Success Stories

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